Clipping Quality Service is an online outsourcing company firm specialized in image editing services. It has been working all over the world since 2007. clipping quality service is one of the biggest photo editing companies in Bangladesh, a South Asian country. It has already been able to draw the attention of giant clients and has got working experience with them. The demand for services of Clipping Quality Service is increasing day by day. Now we have more than two hundreds of satisfied customers with some regular loyal clients. As a team, we are always ready to edit your all Graphic Design works and Image Editing services according to your requirements.

We have a smart and expert team and they are always ready to serve any kind of graphic designing works. Our team is working together at the beginning so we have a good understanding with each other. Our team is divided into two shifts. They are the morning shift and the day shift. Each shift work 8 hours a day. There are two managers and some assistant managers of the shifts. They maintain the shifts and observe the works. Our staffs are also so sincere and smart person also. They dedicate their best services for our clients. We are like a family and we enjoy our works together.

As we have more than 100 staffs.We are always ready for a big project and we have already proved us. We can edit 3000 or more images a day. We have done some big projects successfully. We also arrange a monthly meeting where we teach our staffs how they will maintain their works. We also discuss there how we can develop the qualities of our works. We are determined to provide you the best services. Your satisfaction is our best price.



As we are from Bangladesh, our main office is in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. We started our journey in 2007. Our perpetual obligation is to stringently meet your demand and facilitate a high level of quality. That’s not all. We also hire part-time designers when editing loads are even higher when new project come. We co-ordinate Graphic Designers, Image Editing specialists, SEO talented people, effective site engineers and a group of specialists for specialized help. From that point, our group is amalgamated into a firm substance instilled with the ethos of value. We offer the capability and finish administration to our significant clients. We generally need to fabricate our organization certainty higher. In this manner, our three-move gave bolster group works to boost your business potential. Likewise, we work to convey on time and be effective as far as tending to your requirements. Our round the clock online group is effortlessly available to answer your inquiries in the most expert way


Assessment value

We always work for the client’s appreciation.We already got thousands of rating in our different services and most of them are five stars. Our clients are satisfied because they get more than their expectation.

Salute attitude

We try our best to provide our clients with the best quality. We are determined to give 100% satisfaction to our clients. We always aspect evaluation of our clients & we feel proud when clients give us their testimonial.

Perform creative work

We want to do something new and exceptional. We keep creativity at the top position of everything. We always try to do something different so that our clients can be benefited.

Happy clientage

We have a good relationship with our clients. We try hard & soul until their satisfaction. Our client is happy. Thus, we maintain a relationship with our clients through our works and words.

Painting honors

We have a good relationship with our clients. We try hard & soul until their satisfaction. Our client is happy. Thus, we maintain a relationship with our clients through our works and words.

A Great Team

We think, we are the best team to maintain a company. Individual self-esteem and deep awareness make us dedicated to our company.


Here are the terms and conditions of our services. Hope all of the terms and conditions are in your favor. Here you will get so vital information about us and our services. You will also know how to transport your project and get a special offer. We discuss it here in details. If you want to know more, contact with us.

Client Verification

If you want to take our services, you have to verify your identity. We don’t accept any client’s orders or do their orders without verifying them. Every client must be submitted cleared identity, information and other vital documents about them or their company. Before the deal, we will to our clients all the necessary data and information and record these data or information to our files for the future.

Competitive prices

We offer our clients a good and competitive price. As we are a labor country, we can provide our clients a cheaper rate than the other developed country. We are popular not only the cheap rate but also high quality. Our pricing rate starts from $0.30 for clipping path service that is very competitive and comfortable price. We offer our customer a special rate for bulk images. If you order over 500 images, you will get 15% discount and over 1000 images, you will get 25% discount. It can be increased for more images.

Image Proprietorship

You will be the real owner of the editing photos after paying the bill of the services. We just store the editing photos in six months. Your photos must be in secured in the meantime. We don’t use these photos anywhere or provide any copy to anyone. When you will clear the dues or bills, you will be the sole owner of these editing photos. Informed us if anyone uses your photos on any website or publishes these. We must take proper steps against them. You also can take the sort of actions against the abusers. We just store these photos as a backup file so that we can provide these if you lose.


Our prices are quoted in US dollars ($) for customers around the world.We only accept the payment through our website. Before paying the payment, we urge you to ensure the method which is described on our website. You must discuss with us about it. We will request you to take vital information or data from us and also request you to collect the information. We will not take responsibility if you do any mistake without informing us. Before sending payment, please check the method of payment. If you need much information contact us. Generally, we use Pay-Pal and Bank account to take our payment. PayPal is the safest and most secure process for online payments. If you have a PayPal account, you can easily and directly make payments to your account.

Terms and Condition Update

We can change the Terms and Conditions at any time. You must review the Terms and Conditions Update frequently. If we change material on this policy, we can notify you on our website, in a blog post, by email or in any manner. The method we choose is our own discretion. We will also change the “latest updated” date at the beginning of the Terms and Conditions Update. Any changes to our Terms and Conditions Update, we are able to replace this latest update date and replace any previous Terms and Conditions Update.


Our Expertise

we have 100+ employees who are expert in graphics design. Our designers are well experienced and have a great idea about clients demand. So, we can provide better services than the client’s expectation.

Devotion to work

We always pay our employees a good salary so that they can work with joys and try their best to serve any service to our clients.

How Manage Services

We work in 2 shifts and every shift has two project manager and some assistant managers to maintain the project. We start a project after finishing the previous project & we can work on two projects at the same time.

Faster Upload/Download

We use a dedicated broadband line that’s why we can download/upload so first. We use multi transfer way like Google drive/droop box or web upload as our client want.

Capacity of works

We have two shifts and we work 16 hours a day. We can edit 2000 or more images. We also have a special group for our special clients for emergency services.

Reasonable Price

We offer a low-cost service to satisfy you. Our pricing rate starts from $0.30 for clipping path service that is very competitive and comfortable price.

Our Main Goal is to Enhance Perfection in Photo-Post Production. It is Clipping 100% Quality Service All You Need.


Clipping 100% Quality Service is a One Stop Solution of your all Graphic Design need. There are a lot of design firms or providers on the globe but not each every one send back excellent work. So there is no doubt you will get a better service from our company